Sunday, April 28, 2013

Funny Baby Shower Games

As your favorite mom-to-be prepares for the anxiety-provoking adventure of becoming a parent, her baby shower will hopefully be a fun, relaxing event that helps take a load off her shoulders. Consider throwing in a few funny baby shower games to make the event even more memorable for her and her guests. Here are six games that have successfully garnered laughs from moms-to-be and their baby shower guests.

"My Water Broke!" Ice Cube Game

Purchase tiny baby figurines and freeze them inside ice cubes. Give each baby shower guest one of these ice cubes in her drink. The first woman to see the baby float to the top of her drink should shout, "My water broke!" and get a prize. Perhaps playing this game with a nice "adult beverage" would make it even funnier.

Dirty Diapers

At my baby shower, my mom gave each guest a disposable diaper, and in several there were a funny surprise - a melted piece of chocolate or a squirt of mustard. Whichever guests got the "dirty diapers" won a prize. Collect the diapers back again and give them to the mom-to-be as a gift. Just make sure you get rid of the "winners" - I came across one or two during late-night diaper changes and wasn't amused.

Funny Diaper Messages

Speaking of late-night diaper changes, another funny baby shower activity would be to have your guests write a funny message with marker on the backs of diapers. Have the mom set them aside as her special late night diaper stash. One of my mom friends remembers stumbling exhausted through a 3am diaper change when she saw, "Thar he blows!" written on the diaper and couldn't help but laugh.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Violent Video Games and Aggression

Do video games do more harm than simply discouraging active play and tuning kids out from the real world? Perhaps. Adding new evidence to a long-standing argument that violent video games increase violent behavior, a new study claims that video games have long-term effects on aggression. Brad Bushman of The Ohio State University, along with colleagues from the University Pierre Mend├Ęs-France and the University of Hohenheim, achieved the "first experimental evidence" that there may be a cumulative effect of violent video games on aggressive behavior.

Evidence of a Cumulative Effect of Violent Video Games on Aggression
In this study, 70 participants played video games for 20 minutes on three consecutive days. Those that played violent video games were increasingly likely to predict hostile endings to a story at the end of each consecutive day. Similarly, when asked to deliver punishment to a hidden opponent, the violent video game players chose a more severe punishment day by day. The control group showed no change in their hostile expectations or aggression. The researchers suggest that the reason behind this increasingly aggressive behavior is the way in which violent video gamers view the world and expect others to act.

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