Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Is Sibling Rivalry Damaging to Your Kids' Health?

Many families experience sibling rivalry, and a recent study shows it's more than just a pain for the parents. It is actually detrimental to kids. According to researchers at Penn State, "Negative sibling relationships are strongly linked to aggressive, anti-social, and delinquent behavior." The study also finds positive sibling relationships lead to success in many other aspects of life like academic success.

 The study examined the effects of an afterschool program that helped improve sibling relationships. Researchers used interactive games and activities to teach positive communication and problem-solving skills to sibling pairs. Lead researcher Mark Feinberg found that, compared to the control group, the children involved in the program showed more self-control, social confidence, and stronger academic performances.

The researchers suggest that parents help their kids learn to solve problems and communicate effectively with one another. The bottom line is siblings should look at each other as teammates rather than as competitors. If you're looking for ways to encourage this sort of relationship between your children, consider these ideas.

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