Monday, August 13, 2012

My Cloth Diaper Washing Routine

There are many reasons to use cloth diapers, but one issue always seems to give people pause: washing the cloth diapers. I admit the idea of putting dirty diapers in my washing machine was alarming at first, but it turns out there was nothing to worry about. I wash my diapers every three days, using the following routine, and they come out clean with my washing machine no worse for the wear.

Taking care of "business" with dirty cloth diapers

The first step of my cloth diaper washing routine comes as I change my baby out of her dirty cloth diaper. If there is solid waste, I shake what I can into the toilet and use my diaper sprayer to wash off most of the rest. Then, I pour on some Biokleen Bac-Out: a natural cloth-diaper-friendly solution that uses enzymes to break down waste. It helps keep my diapers stain-free and makes my pail smell a lot better.

The cloth diaper prewash

When it's a cloth diaper-washing day, I take my full diaper pail liner down to my old, trusty top-loader washing machine. I turn the water level to its highest setting to maximize the effectiveness of rinses, and I set my washing machine to run a prewash on cold to rid the diapers of waste. I shake my diapers into the washer and throw my pail liner in as well.

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