Thursday, August 9, 2012

Choosing a Lovey: 3 Security Objects that Babies Seem to Love

A lovey - the go-to object your baby uses for self-soothing - can provide security and comfort your baby. Once adopted by your baby, a lovey can serve as the sleep trigger you so desperately crave when your baby can't seem to settle down to sleep. A lovey can also help make transitions easier, such as sleeping in the car on a long road trip or napping at daycare. Consider these three types of loveys that have worked for other moms.

Security Blanket Lovey

Since full-size blankets aren't recommended for use in cribs, a small security blanket might make a successful lovey for your baby. Consider investing in or sewing a taggie blanket. Babies love to caress the soft, silky tags. Satin tags or trim make the most effective lovey blankets, as babies love to rub the satin between their fingers and on their faces. One lovey blanket recommended by moms is the Aden & Anais issies™ security blanket. Small and portable, made of a breathable muslin material, and trimmed with soft satin, this might be the most ideal security blanket you'll find.

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