Wednesday, August 1, 2012

5 Places to Meet Mom Friends

When I became a mom, I realized I was suddenly in a different demographic than my non-parent friends. While it's still fun to hang out with friends who don't have kids, there is some element of understanding and empathetic support that they just can't offer me. It's been important for me to find other mom friends who "get" the parenting thing and with whom we can set up play dates. Here are some places that friends of mine and I have had luck meeting other mom friends.


Whether because your babies are throwing Cheerios at each other or you're picking your kids up from Sunday school at the same time every day, church is an excellent place to meet other mom friends. You already know that you're starting off the friendship with similar beliefs and values, as well as built-in activities to attend together.

The park

My daughter's babysitter regularly takes the kids to a park nearby her home. When another mom was showing up with a child of a similar age, they struck up a conversation and started a friendship. A great aspect of making friends at the park is that you likely live nearby each other and won't have to drive to opposite sides of town for a play date.

Group activities

When you meet other parents in classes, you know you'll see each other on a regular basis and have a chance to build a friendship over time. For those who are pregnant, take a page out of my mom's book: she met one of her good friends in a Lamaze birthing class when she was pregnant for me. After the baby is born, you'll have dance classes, sports teams, Girl Scouts, library reading groups… virtually unlimited opportunities to make friends with other moms.

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