Monday, July 23, 2012

Reasons Behind Pocket Cloth Diaper Leaks

One of the most frustrating aspects of using pocket cloth diapers can be troubleshooting leaks. Although you might be tempted to throw in the towel if you get a lot of leaks at first, rest assured that it takes everyone a little while to learn all the ins and outs of cloth diapering. Once you've learned to avoid the following six reasons for leaks, you'll find that pocket cloth diapers are just as effective - if not more effective - than disposable diapers at keeping your baby's clothes dry.

A common reason pocket cloth diapers leak is that they're just plain full. You can put the diaper on correctly, but if it becomes saturated, the liquid has nowhere to go but out. To avoid this problem, change your baby more frequently or reconsider what you're using as inserts. You might need to use two standard inserts or consider upgrading to hemp or bamboo. Although more expensive, these alternatives are thin and can hold much more liquid than standard fleece or microfiber.

Exposed cloth

Sometimes when you put on a pocket cloth diaper, part of the cloth remains exposed. When your baby wets, the moisture might wick out of the diaper through that exposed cloth. Check whether the diaper is rolled down in the back, crooked at the hip snaps, or flipped out at the leg gussets. If you're using a disposable liner, part of that could also be exposed. Also be sure to train dads, grandparents, and babysitters to keep an eye out for exposed cloth when helping with diaper changes.

Incorrect sizing

If your pocket cloth diaper doesn't fit your baby correctly, you might be getting leaks out of gaping leg holes or around the waist. It might take a little trial and error to find the right size, but doing so will keep your baby comfortable and eliminate leaks from incorrect sizing. Make sure you also fasten the diaper tightly enough around the waist each time you put a diaper on your baby.

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