Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Parenting Behaviors Your Adult Children Will Appreciate

As young married adults raising our first-born daughter, it has been interesting and at times challenging to negotiate the changing relationship we have with our own parents. As we try to make our place in the world, we are torn between needing the wisdom of our parents who have been there while wanting the freedom to make our own choices, shape our own household, and perhaps even do things differently than they did. Fortunately, our parents make it easy on us in these five ways.

We appreciate when our parents have an open mind.
Some doctors' recommendations and trendy parenting strategies are different than they were when our parents were raising us. If I want to try out a new sleep training system or method of introducing solid food, I appreciate when our parents have an open mind and don't immediately try to defend "the way we did it." When we need our parents' advice about the way they did things, we ask for it.

We appreciate when our parents have respect for our way of doing things.
Along with having an open mind, my husband and I love when our parents respect the routines, choices, and boundaries we've set up for our daughter. When they don't complain about using our cloth diapers or sticking to an early bedtime, they reinforce their respect for our authority when it comes to parenting our child.

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