Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Make Cloth Diapering Easy for Your Babysitter

My full-time babysitter uses cloth diapers with our baby every day. When we first asked her whether she'd be willing to do it, she was a little hesitant and apprehensive, but now she often comments about how easy they are to use and is even considering using them if she has another baby! Because they need to be cared for rather than thrown away, though, using cloth diapers with a babysitter often require a higher level of preparation and communication than would disposable diapers. Here are some tips for making cloth diapering easy for your babysitter.

Provide enough

No matter what diapering system you use, be sure to provide one or two more diapers and/or covers than you'd need on an ordinary day. On a typical day, my baby gets changed every two hours, and that's not accounting for extra dirty diapers. Each morning, I pack my diaper bag with five pocket diapers, which is one more than she'd usually need. As an extra precaution, I keep two extra diapers at the babysitter's house. She's had to use one of them from time to time, and it keeps her from having to break out the backup disposables.


The most important accessory to provide is a wet bag that's large enough to accommodate your daily diaper load. You might consider throwing in a smaller wet bag for days when your babysitter is going to be out and about. If you have special cloth-diaper-safe rash cream, be sure to keep an ample supply available for the babysitter. If you use Snappis, make sure she has a backup supply. The point is to be sure she has everything she could possibly need, and then some, to make the cloth diapering experience as easy as possible.

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