Friday, July 27, 2012

6 Accessories to Make Cloth Diapering Easier

As you prepare to begin your cloth diapering journey and busily pick out your favorite diaper styles and prints, there is another factor to consider: cloth diaper accessories. There are many products out there designed specifically to make cloth diapering parents' lives easier. Here are six accessories I've found particularly helpful while using cloth diapers with my baby.

Disposable Liners

When solid food becomes part of your baby's diet, you can no longer just toss the dirty diapers into the pail without a little attention. Disposable liners are made of thin fabric that lets the liquid leak through but keeps the solid waste off the diaper. When you change the diaper, you flush the liner and any waste down the toilet, leaving your diapers (mostly) unsoiled. We send disposable liners to our babysitter's so that she has the lowest "ick factor" when it comes to changing dirty diapers.

Diaper Sprayer

Diaper sprayers tap into your toilet's water supply so that you can spray excess waste off the cloth diapers and into the sewage system where it belongs. Our diaper sprayer has been a great way to take care of dirty diapers without having to line our diapers. The force of the water is particularly effective at cleaning the diapers, and it's easy to use once you master the art of keeping the water in the toilet.

Wet Bags

Wet bags make traveling with cloth diapers simple. These are waterproof, zippered bags in which you can store your dirty diapers while you're out and about. We have a small wet bag that holds about two diapers for when we're just running errands, and we have one medium- and one large-size wet bag that we take along for day or overnight trips. We also send the larger wet bags to the babysitter's house each day.

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