Monday, June 4, 2012

How I've Changed Since Becoming a Parent

I knew when I found out I was pregnant that my life was going to change drastically, but I guess I'd always thought about the changes that would be made to my lifestyle. I knew I'd be tired, stressed, worried, and, well, responsible for the life of another human being. What I didn't anticipate was how drastically aspects of my inner self would change as a result of becoming a parent. I can name six ways in which this is already happening after only six short months of being a mom. 

I'm more sensitive to tragedies involving kids.
I used to hear about tragedies striking children, and of course I cared, but it was in sort of a detached way. Now, I feel these stories right down to my core. I can picture my child in the same situation, and it is an utterly gut-wrenching experience. I can put myself in the place of the parents and try to glimpse an iota of what they must be feeling, and an iota is often all I can take.

I can function on less sleep.
I used to believe I needed at least nine hours of sleep in order to optimally function the next day. When our newborn came along, I was absolutely amazed that I wasn't passing out in the middle of lunch every day. Even when I returned to work, I was up several times a night with the baby, but I still functioned quite well in the office. Now I don't mind getting up early anymore, and when my baby has a rough night, I'm not all that worse for the wear the next day. 

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