Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Father's Day Tribute: Why I Appreciate My Dad

My husband and I joke that Father's Day is just another moneymaker for Hallmark - an excuse to be manipulated by store signs, advertisements, and sales to spend cash on a guy who would probably prefer we saved it anyway. But on the positive side, Father's Day does give me an excuse to express all the reasons I appreciate the man to whom I owe my life but barely ever pay a phone call.

Dad, I appreciate your patience. From reading the same books with me night after night to teaching me how to drive when I could barely keep four wheels on the ground around corners, you've always been patient with me. You've taught me that great parents learn to savor every moment with their kids, and they use mistakes as teachable moments rather than excuses to fly off the handle.

Dad, I appreciate your sense of humor. Dry as they may be, your jokes always have me in stitches. I appreciate how you find humor in the little things in life, the collection of Joke-a-Day calendar pages you share with me when I come home, and the way in which funny sayings from the past always seem to resurface with new life when you're around. You even know how to laugh at yourself - and that skill, I've learned, can get a person through most anything.

Dad, I appreciate our car rides. I can't count the number of hours we've spent together in a car, but they are hours I treasure. I'll never forget the 45-minute ride to my summer job when you played me a recorded abstinence-before-marriage sermon (to which I wish I'd paid more attention at the time) or the talks we've had as you've gone out of your way to pick me up from college or from the airport. I never have to worry that we'll run out of things to talk about - mostly because you're truly interested in everything that has to do with my life.

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