Saturday, June 23, 2012

7 Ideas for Your Baby Photo Shoot

My husband and I worked with For His Glory Photography in Columbus, Ohio for our daughter's six-month photo shoot. Before we embarked on our photography journey, I scoured the Internet, looking for examples of other photos that I'd like to replicate. Now, it's my turn to add to the collection! Here are some photos that might give you inspiration for your own baby photo shoot.

1. The Comically-Overdressed Pose

Tutus, headbands, and pearls, oh my! There is just something so precious about a baby smiling up at you from a pile of lace and pearls. Our photographer provided the tutu and beads (shown in photo #2), so you might want to check and see what yours has on hand. A suit, tie, and bowler hat would be the perfect alternative for a boy.

2. The Always-Something-in-the-Mouth Pose

My baby has something in her mouth 90% of the time, so of course it should be captured in her six-month photos. It shouldn't be hard to capture. In fact, we were going for the Comically-Overdressed Pose in this shot, but the baby had other plans when we placed pearls around her neck.


3. The Diaper-Only Photo

A baby sitting around in nothing but a diaper is, in my opinion, the definition of cute. My baby's kind of skinny, but I love seeing the roley-poley babies in diapers-only photos. For us, we got to show off her off-the-charts length and our adorable cloth diapers.

4. The Smushy-Kiss Photo

This one was my photographer's idea, and I think it's priceless. We were instructed to kiss her cheeks, one on each side, but to smush her face in with the force of the kiss. I think we succeeded. I think her puzzled expression is the icing on the cake.

5. The Flying Baby Pose

My husband and I each managed to take a turn during the course of our photo shoot doing the "flying baby" with our daughter. The photographer caught me in the "landing kiss," while my husband has her hoisted up. I think it would have been even greater to capture while she was in the air.

 6. The Tub Pose

I happened across this pose in my pre-photo-shoot Internet search and was hooked. Especially since my baby is obsessed with bathtime, this couldn't be a more perfect picture. Best yet, my photographer had the amazing idea to blow bubbles at her while she was sitting in the tub!

7. The Classic Family Pose

Of course, no photo shoot is complete without gathering mom, dad, and baby in a traditional family portrait. We sat in front of some rose bushes and managed to all smile at the camera at just the right moment.

For more baby photography ideas and advice, read How To Get the Most Out of Your Baby Photography Shoot.

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