Tuesday, June 19, 2012

4 Reasons to Invest in a Large Cloth Diaper Stash

One of the mistakes cloth-diapering parents sometimes make when starting out is not having enough cloth diapers on hand. I have more than 30 diapers in my collection, or "stash" as it is often called, plus two wet bags, four pail liners, 45 cloth wipes, and some extra inserts. Although it may seem like an unnecessary investment at first - especially if one of the purposes of cloth diapering is to save money - having a large cloth diaper stash can pay off over time.

Less wear and tear

The more diapers I have, the less wear and tear each sees from use and from going through the wash. Closures and elastic hold up better, and diapers remain looking newer longer. This means they retain their resale value better and are more likely to hold up for the next baby and perhaps even another after that.

Change more frequently

Because of my sizable cloth diaper stash, I'm not afraid to change my baby's diaper every couple of hours, keeping her clean and dry. I know I have enough diapers to cover me until the next wash, so I am not tempted to leave her in a wet diaper longer than necessary. I also have plenty to stash in diaper bags and even send to the babysitter as backups in case of an emergency.

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