Thursday, May 31, 2012

How to Maintain a Good Relationship With Your Childcare Provider

When I went back to work after maternity leave, I was really nervous about the way my relationship with my childcare provider would develop. I was nervous that I would be jealous of all the time she got to spend with my daughter. I was nervous that she wouldn't know what to do when my baby cried or be able to get her to eat well. It turns out, there was nothing to be nervous about, and I'm learning what it takes to maintain a good relationship with my childcare provider.

Trust her

It can be difficult to place my child's life in the hands of another person five days a week, but trust is an essential factor in a good relationship with my childcare provider. I have to trust that she will follow my instructions, use her best judgment, and have my child's best interests at heart. More than that, I have to show her that I trust her. There is no way we'd have a good relationship if I were constantly checking to see if she remembered to do this or forgot to do that.

Communicate with her

Of course, my childcare provider recognizes my husband's and my authority over how our baby is raised, but she can't respect our wishes unless we share them with her. I also can't help her do her job well unless she fills me in on her challenges, questions, and victories. We keep a daily chart of my daughter's feedings, changes, and naptimes, and there is space on the chart for her to note any additional supplies she needs or concerns she has. We also have chats each time I drop off the baby and pick her up, and we have an open line of communication throughout the day for updates and questions.

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