Thursday, May 24, 2012

Entertaining toys for your 6-month-old

In the spirit of Keeping Your Baby Entertained, my latest installment lists five entertaining toys for your 6-month-old baby.

Each new stage of an infant's life brings a new wave of toys and activities that optimally stimulate their senses and entertain them. When a mom in the online community I am part of asked for suggestions for toys for our six-month-olds, an extensive list emerged. These items should be on the shopping list of every six-month-old's mom, grandparent, and holiday gift-giver.

Sophie the Giraffe. The manufacturers of this long-loved teething toy tout its ability to stimulate all of babies' senses. Most importantly for my baby who likes to put everything in her mouth, the toy is made of natural rubber and food paint, so it is completely safe to explore all her chewable parts. Many moms in my group attest to Sophie's popularity with their six-month-olds, and I'm thinking this is a must-have for my daughter's birthday list. 

Books. Books that crinkle are a special hit with my daughter. They might fool her into thinking she's being allowed to play with those stray circular ads she always seems to want to get her hands on. She gets a kick out of listening to Hallmark recordable books she's been given, and while she doesn't really care about the stories in her board books yet, she does love to chew on them. "Indestructible" is the key word when it comes to books for my six-month-old. I've seen what she can do to a magazine.

Stationary play centers. At four months old, my daughter was just starting to fit in her Jumperoo and become interested in its attached toys, but she seemed to only last a short while before she wanted to get out. Now, at six months, she has really discovered its entertainment value and gets quite excited to be placed in it. Her legs go crazy, she can rotate her seat around, and she has discovered all the toys. (Her favorite is still the teether that she sucks on until it's sopping wet. Do you see the emerging pattern?) Other moms in my group agree that their babies love their stationary play centers.

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