Friday, April 20, 2012

My Top 5 Cloth Diaper Rookie Mistakes

In honor of Real Diaper Week and tomorrow's Great Diaper Change, here is an article I recently wrote about my own cloth diapering journey. We've been cloth diapering for 4 months, and I've found the experience to be incredibly rewarding. It's awesome not to have to buy disposable diapers, to have a rash-free baby bottom on our hands, and, let's face it, to buy all the cute colors, styles, and prints that cloth diapers come in these days. But that journey hasn't come without its fair share of challenges. 

It seems that cloth diapering is really catching on as a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly alternative to disposables. I bought into the idea before my baby was born and referred to my decision as the "great cloth diapering experiment." It was exciting to do all the research ahead of time, and then when the baby was finally here, I found that I actually love cloth diapering! But that's not to say the process of learning to cloth diaper hasn't come with some bumps in the road. Here are five of the rookie mistakes I made as I started my diapering journey.

Buying ahead 

Before my baby was born, I wanted to have absolutely everything ready for her - especially her stash of cloth diapers. Unfortunately, I ended up with a lot of a certain style of diaper that it turns out I like less than others. I also purchased several newborn-sized diapers, but by the time we had used up all the disposable diapers we had been given as gifts and were ready to move on to cloth, our baby had already outgrown that size! I suggest doing a cloth diaper trial or rental program to start with, or perhaps purchasing a few different types of diapers and trying them out before investing in a large stash.

Not setting up a wash schedule

Ideally, cloth diapers should be washed every one to three days. When I was first starting out and had an admittedly small stash, I'd often run out of diapers because I wasn't washing often enough. Not washing soon enough can lead to staining, stink problems, and running-out-of-diaper emergencies, and washing more often than needed can be stressful and use an unnecessary amount of water, electricity, and time. I am finally on a schedule of washing mine every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday, and have plenty of diapers to last me in between.

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