Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Keeping Your Baby Entertained

"I'm bored!"

Even though my daughter can't yet talk, I know she's sometimes trying to tell me she needs something new to see or do. As we enter each new phase of her life, we wonder in what new ways we can keep her entertained. I've written three articles that strive to shed light on the matter for other parents.

8 Stimulating Activities for a One-Month-Old

Once my brand new baby started to emerge from her haze of constant sleep, I found myself wondering, "Now what?" She wasn't capable of holding up her own head or grabbing things with her hands, but it still seemed there had to be some way I could entertain her. The following activities emerged as some of the best ways to stimulate my one-month-old.

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5 Must-Have Items for Your Four-Month-Old

It's amazing how quickly babies go from being unable to control their heads or arms to looking at and touching everything in sight! As the mom of a four-month-old, I want to make sure she's got the kind of items around the house that will provide her with the comfort, stimulation, and entertainment she needs. Here are some items that I've found quite helpful for life with a four-month-old.

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The Perfect Baby Toy: Why a Stuffed Hippo Takes the Cake

My five-month-old baby has a little stuffed hippo toy. Someone must have included it with a baby shower gift, and after I got it home, it ended up in a basket, heaped in with the rest of the teethers, stuffed animals, and rattles she was given. One day, it won the toy lottery when I (or someone else for all I remember) pulled it out for the baby, and it quickly became one of her favorite toys. And perhaps more importantly, it has become my favorite toy for her.

What makes this toy special? It has four characteristics which, when put together, I think make for the perfect baby toy.

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Entertaining Toys for your 6-Month-Old

Each new stage of an infant's life brings a new wave of toys and activities that optimally stimulate their senses and entertain them. When a mom in the online community I am part of asked for suggestions for toys for our six-month-olds, an extensive list emerged.

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