Friday, April 13, 2012

8 Simple Victories That Make My Day

My idea of personal success shifted in a major way when my new baby came into the picture. Gone were the days when an everyday victory for me was no less than getting public praise at work, perfecting a new recipe for dinner, or beating a high-level player at online euchre. I once would have seen the current highlights of my day as trivial. On the contrary, I now view the following eight seemingly simple events as momentous occasions.

1. The non-leaky diaper. When I see my new baby make her telltale facial expression and hear the inevitable noise that follows, or when I pick her up from a nap and touch her bottom, I breathe a sigh of relief to see that her business was, thankfully, contained to her diaper. One less change of clothes for the day!

2. The long-awaited #2. While on the subject, babies can be quite miserable when their last you-know-what was even 24 hours ago. It's worth celebrating right along with the relieved little one when that long-awaited dirty diaper finally comes along.

3. The long nap. Babies have a short sleep cycle - only about 45 minutes. Long about two months old, my baby stopped being able to regularly make it through one sleep cycle to the next during her daytime naps. Every time 45 minutes rolls around, I hold my breath and stay quiet as a mouse. On the rare occasion that she makes it through without a peep or has one phantom cry and goes back to sleep, I do a little victory dance.

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