Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bedtime Bliss

I cherish my most treasured part of the day,
Cradling you close, never close enough.

You're growing so big, and yet you're so small,
This tiny person who has stolen my heart.

Your eyelids are heavy,
But you fight off the Sandman,
staring back into my lovestruck eyes.

There's not enough room
for all this love.
It's spilling down my face.

I speak my heart to you,
words you don't yet understand,
although you sparkle like you do.

Why does any moment with you
have to end?

I stroke the top of your tiny head.
Sweet, soft fingers interlace mine.
Hands graze my face.

I am in Heaven. This is Heaven.

You give in to dreams,
Relax in my embrace,
And I rock you now
more for me than for you.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

I wonder, sweet child, what meaning
I ever found in life before you existed.
I wonder if this is how God feels for me.

Thank God for you, blessing of all blessings.

Slowly, reluctantly, I lift you up
And place you in your bed.
How I wish I could stay.

Until tomorrow, my love,
My angel, my miracle,
Good night.

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