Sunday, April 28, 2013

Funny Baby Shower Games

As your favorite mom-to-be prepares for the anxiety-provoking adventure of becoming a parent, her baby shower will hopefully be a fun, relaxing event that helps take a load off her shoulders. Consider throwing in a few funny baby shower games to make the event even more memorable for her and her guests. Here are six games that have successfully garnered laughs from moms-to-be and their baby shower guests.

"My Water Broke!" Ice Cube Game

Purchase tiny baby figurines and freeze them inside ice cubes. Give each baby shower guest one of these ice cubes in her drink. The first woman to see the baby float to the top of her drink should shout, "My water broke!" and get a prize. Perhaps playing this game with a nice "adult beverage" would make it even funnier.

Dirty Diapers

At my baby shower, my mom gave each guest a disposable diaper, and in several there were a funny surprise - a melted piece of chocolate or a squirt of mustard. Whichever guests got the "dirty diapers" won a prize. Collect the diapers back again and give them to the mom-to-be as a gift. Just make sure you get rid of the "winners" - I came across one or two during late-night diaper changes and wasn't amused.

Funny Diaper Messages

Speaking of late-night diaper changes, another funny baby shower activity would be to have your guests write a funny message with marker on the backs of diapers. Have the mom set them aside as her special late night diaper stash. One of my mom friends remembers stumbling exhausted through a 3am diaper change when she saw, "Thar he blows!" written on the diaper and couldn't help but laugh.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Violent Video Games and Aggression

Do video games do more harm than simply discouraging active play and tuning kids out from the real world? Perhaps. Adding new evidence to a long-standing argument that violent video games increase violent behavior, a new study claims that video games have long-term effects on aggression. Brad Bushman of The Ohio State University, along with colleagues from the University Pierre Mend├Ęs-France and the University of Hohenheim, achieved the "first experimental evidence" that there may be a cumulative effect of violent video games on aggressive behavior.

Evidence of a Cumulative Effect of Violent Video Games on Aggression
In this study, 70 participants played video games for 20 minutes on three consecutive days. Those that played violent video games were increasingly likely to predict hostile endings to a story at the end of each consecutive day. Similarly, when asked to deliver punishment to a hidden opponent, the violent video game players chose a more severe punishment day by day. The control group showed no change in their hostile expectations or aggression. The researchers suggest that the reason behind this increasingly aggressive behavior is the way in which violent video gamers view the world and expect others to act.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Is Sibling Rivalry Damaging to Your Kids' Health?

Many families experience sibling rivalry, and a recent study shows it's more than just a pain for the parents. It is actually detrimental to kids. According to researchers at Penn State, "Negative sibling relationships are strongly linked to aggressive, anti-social, and delinquent behavior." The study also finds positive sibling relationships lead to success in many other aspects of life like academic success.

 The study examined the effects of an afterschool program that helped improve sibling relationships. Researchers used interactive games and activities to teach positive communication and problem-solving skills to sibling pairs. Lead researcher Mark Feinberg found that, compared to the control group, the children involved in the program showed more self-control, social confidence, and stronger academic performances.

The researchers suggest that parents help their kids learn to solve problems and communicate effectively with one another. The bottom line is siblings should look at each other as teammates rather than as competitors. If you're looking for ways to encourage this sort of relationship between your children, consider these ideas.

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

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Friday, November 30, 2012

Family Traditions to Start Before Christmas

Tradition was a huge part of my Christmas experience growing up. On Christmas Eve, we always went to Mass at the same time, ate the same menu at the same aunt's house, opened our Secret Santa gifts using the same system, and went home in our new Christmas jammies - another tradition. My brother and I always say Christmas Eve is our favorite day of the year. There is such much fun and festivity, but the magic of Christmas Day still lies ahead.

On Christmas morning, we'd get up and wait for everyone to see the tree at the same time. We'd eat coffee cake and take turns opening presents, Christmas music softly playing in the background.

Even better than just our Christmas Eve and Day traditions were those that led up to the big event. Stretching the holiday out over the course of weeks adds to the anticipation and joy. Here are some ideas I came up with for traditions to start before Christmas. Do you have any others to add to the list?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Baby's First Christmas: What I'll Miss As She Grows

I recently asked my Facebook friends what they already miss about their kids' holiday behavior now that they've grown or, if their kids are younger, what they think they'll miss. Here are the responses I got:

"My son setting up his stuffed animals, sitting in his baby bathtub (the sleigh) with his Santa hat from North Pole NY and singing rudolph in a clear beautiful soprano."

"This is the first year my children no longer believe in Santa. I feel like a huge piece of their childhood has died!"

"The joy that comes with believing. I look forward to that in the upcoming years, and I will miss it greatly when she's grown."

"Everything... shopping for baby dolls, reading Christmas stories, baking cookies, watching the Christmas shows, watching the girls scan the ads and Toys R Us catalogs to write their lists, the church Christmas play, helping them shop for their Grandparents & their Dad, being woken up at 3, then 4, then finally giving in and getting up at 5am to open their gifts."

"The belief in Santa and the sheer excitement."

"The magic... It's impossible to put it into words but everything seems more magical with children."

"I'll just miss being with them all the time. The crafts, the smiles. Family is so beautiful."

"Getting up at 3am, hearing the ooohs & ahhhs that Santa came."

These inspired my latest article. Even though my baby was only six weeks old for her first Christmas, there are still things I will miss!

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What would you add to this list?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

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